It can be difficult to find a doula who you are comfortable with. See what other people have said about my work. 


I'm so happy we found Melissa! We couldn't be more grateful for Melissa's help, knowledge, and overall presence at the birth of our beautiful baby boy.

Melissa asked all of the questions we wouldn't have thought of and all the ones we planned to ask but completely forgot. Melissa did a phenomenal job of making the entire labor as comfortable as possible. She's an expert in getting your body into the right position/angle to help the baby progress. Melissa literally spent hours pressing on my lower back to help alleviate the pain. While my husband tried his best (God love him) to hit the right pressure points and keep my supply of ice chips flowing, Melissa had the ability to almost read my mind on what was needed or what was hurting. While being so hands-on and helpful, she also did a great job of keeping my husband involved in the process through helpful hints

While I approached this birth open-minded about an epidural, for me it came down the ability to move around. In the end, I gave birth naturally and I definitely do not think I would've made it through without Melissa. She is a phenomenal coach and a pillar of support.

We would both definitely recommend Melissa wholeheartedly. If we are lucky enough to have another baby, Melissa will definitely be getting a call. My husband came into the doula conversation open minded and wanting whatever would make me comfortable. Something that resonated with him was the amount of time you are in the labor room without the doctor or nurse. Melissa is someone that has been there and seen it all so it was great to have that experience in the room, often times lowering his heart rate by a simple nod to acknowledge everything is OK. She's a star! 


I'm so happy we worked with Melissa! I liked how she described her outlook on her website as non judgmental and after talking to her on the phone, I felt comfortable moving forward with her.

We had a really helpful prenatal visit. Melissa took a lot of notes and talked through our birth plan and desires with me and my husband. I think our conversation helped me feel more relaxed about the birth and helped us both think through our strategies/outlook. I liked especially that Melissa focuses on the WHY of your decisions, so she understands where you're coming from and can offer solutions that help, vs just identifying the procedures you do/don't want.

When I went into labor, my water broke and my husband was in direct contact with Melissa while I began contractions. We chose to have Melissa meet us at the hospital since my contractions seemed to be progressing pretty steadily, and I wasn't in labor for long at home.

At the hospital, Melissa was a huge help. Just seeing her come in to triage made me more relaxed. She helped assure me everything was progressing normally, and suggested different positions when I was struggling. She supplied ice chips and cold compresses to my husband and was right there through all the pushing. My husband really appreciated her help and support - he felt much less alone during the labor and her expertise was really a comfort for him as a first-time dad.

One of my hesitations on working with a doula was that she would be judgemental about an epidural or that you only need to have a doula if you're having a natural birth and so I was so happy to find Melissa. She made me feel supported no matter what my choice was, and I had an epidural.

I highly recommend Melissa and so glad she was part of my daughter's birth story!


Melissa was my doula (and more!) at my son’s birth earlier this month. While my husband is always wary of incurring unnecessary costs and initially wondered if hiring a doula was really something we needed to do, he now tells everyone that having Melissa there was absolutely critical and an amazing decision on our part.

When my water broke, Melissa was extremely easy to reach. My contractions hadn’t started yet and my obstetrician was threatening to induce in the morning (which I was trying to avoid). Melissa did a great job coaching me through when to keep moving and when to rest via text. I successfully got my contractions going and after about 2.5 hours, we called Melissa to come to our home as they were starting to get painful. She showed up quickly and was a calming presence during the bad contractions and a fun person to chat with during the easier stretches.

While my ob didn’t think my contraction pattern necessitated going to the hospital yet, my husband, Melissa, and I decided it was time to go in after Melissa had been with us about an hour. As she was helping me into a dry pair of pants and my husband was ordering an Uber, I felt something bulging, and before we knew it and without any pushing, the baby was out. Incredibly, Melissa was well positioned to remove the cord from around his neck and catch him. She handed the baby right to me and has us do skin to skin, and told my husband to call 911 (instead of calling my ob, like he otherwise would have done). We were all beyond grateful that Melissa was there to take charge in an emergency situation and when he’s old enough, we can’t wait to tell our little boy about this incredible person who was there when he was born at home!


Melissa was an invaluable member of my birth team. I don't think I could have birthed my 8 lb 9 oz  baby after 34 hours of labor and without pain medication without her. I wanted an unmedicated birth and prepare myself using Hypnobabies homestudy.  I also wanted the physical and emotional support of a doula. I felt immediately comfortable with Melissa. She is wonderfully warm and relaxed and was everything I hoped a doula would be.

She was a calm voice of reason and my constant cheerleader, especially when my morale waned. She gave me space when I was in the zone, and she walked through the fire with me when the going got tougher. It will always stand out to me how, after I had been stalled out at 7-8 cm for 7+ hours and decided to get pitocin, Melissa got me through completion (without the epidural that was increasingly attractive due to my fatigue) despite her own physical exhaustion after the 24 hour mark. She powered through with me, continually applying amazing massage and counterpressure that kept me relaxed and the intensity of labor manageable. Melissa was so proactive the entire labor, keeping me hydrated (I labored without IV hydration until the last few hours when I received pitocin) and suggesting new and helpful positions and other measures to try. Every time my ob came into the room, he commented how wonderfully supported I was and how calm and in control I was. When I decided to go for the pitocin, I floated the idea of getting the epidural. My ob told me he didn't think I needed it! He told me afterward how impressive my labor was and what an excellent job my doula had done.

Melissa has a calling. I feel like I conquered Mt. Everest and I couldn't  have made it to the top without Melissa as my sherpa.


Our experience with Melissa was spectacular! She was incredibly thorough before the birth, taking detailed notes at our meetings and following up so that we knew she was understanding our preferences and needs correctly. She made some great recommendations to us before birth, such as having my husband read The Birth Partner, which was super useful to him in preparation for and during my labor.

Melissa was extremely flexible and always reassured us that she was there to support us and our wishes, as well as stating that if our preferences changed at any time, that was completely fine. She honestly made me feel so reassured and confident leading up to the birth!

My labor and delivery was perfect, and Melissa facilitated tremendously. Everything went quite quickly and intensely, and Melissa was extremely encouraging and helped me not feel too overwhelmed. When I decided to get the epidural (not originally in the birth plan, but a great decision for me!), Melissa handled my decision perfectly, not questioning or trying to get me to change my mind. She honestly could not have done a better job helping me have the labor and delivery that I wanted to have. She also was fantastic at helping manage all of the logistical stuff—getting our bags to the car, connecting with hospital staff, etc. It was so nice that that didn’t all fall on my husband! After baby was born, Melissa stayed for the perfect amount of time, helping make sure we were situated and calm before leaving.

Melissa’s postpartum visit was fantastic as well. She helped me give the baby her first bath at home—it was so great to have an experienced mommy there! It was SO nice to talk over the birth with her; I didn’t feel like I’d really been able to take it all in until then. Overall, I could not recommend Melissa more highly! Her calmness and confidence helped me feel calm and confident as well, and I was so, so thrilled with my birth experience.


Melissa is a great doula! Having decided beforehand I wanted a natural birth, it was super important for me to have a knowledgeable supportive person throughout the entire process, so picking the right doula was a challenge to say the least. My husband and I were looking for the right person for quite some time but none of them really 'clicked' or made us feel as comfortable as Melissa did. I am so happy and grateful to have had her present during the birth of our daughter.

If you’re thinking about hiring a doula, I would highly recommend you meet Melissa. I believe having her present throughout labor was a great decision that made the entire process flow as easily the way it did. She is a super approachable, calm, encouraging and positive person. She will listen to you and respect any decision you make.

We already know who we’re calling if we ever decide to have more babies! ;)

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!


Melissa was great to work with. I felt comfortable with her the moment I met her. She was very personable and professional. She was very accommodating as well. She didn't impose her opinions on us but really listened to what we wanted in our birth plan. Melissa came to the hospital right when I needed her and stayed until I was wheeled away for my C-section. She helped me focus and was very supportive and encouraging the 14 hours I labored for. Her demeanor and voice were calm which helped me stay calm as well. I would recommend her to family and friends that need a doula. 


We chose Melissa as our doula to help support and guide us through our first birth experience. We really liked how open minded she was and her calm temperament. It was very important for her to put our preferences first and foremost. She made sure to meet with us twice, before the actual birth, to build a good rapport and to truly get a good sense of who we are.

When pre-labor started, we called her to tell her and she was extremely attentive. When we got to the hospital she got their immediately. As soon as the hospital let her be with us, she started several soothing technique to help my wife get through her contractions, which we're very helpful. She knew exactly what to say to help calm her down. She was instrumental for me as well. There we're times where I needed to leave the room for certain reasons, but I didn't want to leave my wife alone. Melissa was there to comfort her and keep her company while I was away. She also helped her with her breathing and offered solutions and techniques we never would have thought of.

We feel like we could not have been luckier to have Melissa as our doula and third partner in this lifetime event. She helped to make this experience an easier and unforgettable one. We highly recommend Melissa to anyone considering a doula as she will definitely help to make your experience a better one on all levels.

We for one, will be calling her again when we have our second!!