My classes are 3-4 hours in length, taught in the privacy of your own home on your schedule! I provide instruction for  you and your partner or other support person and include a packet of supplemental materials as well as hands on practice where I’ll teach you and your partner/support person some of my favorite tricks for making labor more comfortable.

In the class we will cover:

  • What happens during labor-including how to recognize when you are in labor and what happens, and how you might be feeling during each stage of labor (its not all about dilation!)

  • How you can affect the labor process before and during labor

  • Pain management in labor-including mental preparation, relaxation and coping mechanisms (with hands on practice, plus techniques for you and your partner to use)

  • Pain medication and labor

  • Evidence based best practices for a safe, healthy and satisfying labor and birth

  • What to expect at the hospital

  • Inductions, C-sections and other common interventions

  • Postpartum health and expectations.

Cost: $300 per family, discount available for group classes