I believe that every person who wants a doula should have one. Even if you don't think you can afford a doula please don’t hesitate to reach out! Let's talk and figure something out!

As a birth doula my goal is to help you have the birth you want, whatever that means for you. I can provide physical comfort measures, emotional support and information to help in decision making. This package includes:

  • One or two planning meetings to discuss the details of your birth plan and expectations

  • I will be “on call” for you, and available for text, email or phone support, for anything you are feeling, questions, or if you just want to check in

  • Attendance at your birth. I will come to your home to assist with early labor, and if you are birthing outside the home will help with transport to the hospital/birth center

  • During the birth I provide physical comfort, as well as emotional support and information to assist in your decision making

  • I will stay with you for 1-2 hours after the birth of your baby to assist with initial breast feeding and to help you settle in

  • One 1-2 hour long postpartum visit to talk about the birth and discuss best practices for recovery and breast feeding

  • Back-up doula if necessary: If for any (unlikely) reason I am unable to attend your birth I have back-up doulas working with me who will attend your entire birth

Cost: $2,300